Victoria-Ring.Com Writer, Publisher, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Business and Product Developer Lorem ispum  Victoria Ring started her first business on October 27, 1988 and her first internet business on June 15, 1995. She specializes in providing professional services as a virtual paralegal to bankruptcy law firms nationwide.  [ Complete bio ] Victoria Ring- The Traveling, Training Paralegal Law Office Services Links > Contact Me > My Biography > Free Client Intake Forms > My Bankruptcy School > Bankruptcy Blog > Attorney References > PreQualification Screening > Complete Motion Package > Initial Intake Form Package > Online Training Videos > Wordpress Online Course > Our Publishing Company > Personal Christian Blog Affiliations: ABA - American Bar Association (associate member) AAfPE -- American Association for Paralegal Education RMPA -- Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association This is the most unique and amazing service you will find on the internet to establish or grow your small business or law firm! I am a 53-year old Certified Paralegal who enjoys traveling throughout the United States sitting up new home businesses as well as bankruptcy law firms.  It is a fun and exciting life and once I help to establish the new business or law firm, I can manage it virtually from my laptop computer until it is fully functional and making money. I am also a caring, compassionate and patient person who can provide a great level of knowledge and teaching ability if you are seeking to start or build a small business or bankruptcy law firm.  I provide this service because I have a passion for developing new businesses and I am quite good at it.  I also love to re-organize and develop new procedures for failing businesses and law firms and I have many years of a proven track record behind me. Although I customize my business services to fit your business or law firm’s specific needs and goals, below is a list of the typical services I provide to the average bankruptcy law firm to give you an idea of the level of quality and expertise I can bring to you: Assessing office needs and establishing office procedures for maximum efficiency; then training the staff in implementing these procedures. An operations manual will also be developed (for an additional fee) to establish consistency and ease of workflow; Establishment of money-saving office procedures with an emphasis on the utilization of the most recent technology and software programs; Assessment of current software and hardware that are in place and make recommendations (if necessary) that will save the business or law firm money with regard to operational procedures.  If approved, software will be installed on your computers and you , as well as the staff properly trained.  An operations manual will also be developed (for an additional fee) in order to standardize procedures for using these programs in the day-to-day operation of your unique office or law firm.  (If requested, ongoing virtual computer and software support will be provided by a computer technician); Development of office procedural forms that are specific to the business or law firm. These forms can then be developed into PDF form-fillable format to maintain an electronic (versus paper) office; thereby reducing paper and maximizing efficiency; For new businesses and law firms who need a web presence: Development of a basic web site using Wordpress software and teaching you and your staff how to maintain it yourself. This will save you a great deal of money in paying web designers to do a job that you may only have simple needs for at the present time; Training of the staff in all manner of client intake skills; including, but not limited to: o the mindset of the client and how to properly communicate with them o how to recognize unreported assets, insider debts and potential fraud as well as how to protect the attorney by implementing good due diligence o the proper information that needs gathered and “why” it needs to be gathered; including the proper distribution and use of it o tips and techniques to make sure the correct information is obtained first time and how it should appear on the Chapter 7 or 13 petition pages o tips on how to cross-reference the bankruptcy petition for completeness. This skills can save the law firm thousands of dollars in time and money. o mock client intake interview role playing to provide you and the staff with real life examples o any other training in other specific areas requested by the law firm or attorney The Cost $850.00 per day* plus airfare and hotel - Choose: 1 Day up to 1 Week $550.00 per day* plus airfare and hotel - Choose: 8 Days up to 2 Weeks $250.00 per day* plus airfare and suite or private room - Choose: 2 Weeks up to 2 Months $20.00 per hour* for ongoing virtual services after on-site training * One day is considered 7 hours with 1 hour for lunch * Longer stays onsite for 2 months or longer are negotiable (depeding on present workload) I also provide the law firm with petition drafting services (at reduced rates) including petition reviews for the first twenty-five bankruptcy clients to ensure the law firm is operating at its maximum efficiency.  Small business owners receive up to 1-year of telephone support at the rate of $20.00 per hour after the initial training has been completed. For more information about my background and to view my bio, visit: To read testimonials from attorneys and paralegals, visit: Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to working with you, or you and your staff in the near future. Phone: (317)370-5032 Email: